Ireland, 1798-1998: Politics and War (History of the Modern British Isles)

Ireland, 1798-1998: Politics and War (History of the Modern British Isles)

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Author: Jackson, Alvin

Edition: 1st Edition

Number Of Pages: 520

Release Date: 27-07-1999

Details: Product Description Alvin Jackson′s Ireland 1798–1998 reappraises apparently rigid political divides and apparently decisive turning–points. Review "The book is a formidable achievement. Logically organised, lucidly presented and stylishly written, this is a first–class study that will enthrall all those interested in the history of Ireland in the modern period." Thomas Bartlett, University College Dublin "In Dr. Jackson′s book we have [a survey] of considerable breadth and flair... readers will find in it one of the most balanced and readable works on Irish political history to appear this decade." Marianne Elliott, University of Liverpool "Alvin Jackson′s Ireland 1798–1998 provides a well–informed and thought–provoking commentary on Irish history since the 1790s. The work shrewdly negotiates the differences between revisionist and anti–revisionist interpretations. Focussing mainly on the high politics of Irish nationalism and unionism, Jackson also illuminates the complexities of Anglo–Irish relations from the heyday of Wolfe Tone to the recent cycles of violence in Northern Ireland exercising moderation and balance throughout." L.P. Curtis, Brown University "Alvin Jackson′s Ireland 1798–1998 is a general history for the millenium: elegantly written, striving for a fierce impartiality, full of unexpected parallels and appositions." Roy Foster, New Statesman Books of the Year 1999 "Alvin Jackson offers an authoritative, reflective and refreshing analysis." Irish News "Jackson presents a survey of modern Irish political history that is up–to–date and even–handed in its perspective ... An important contribution that belongs in all college libraries." CHOICE "Jackson′s measured and ironic approach is breath of fresh air. This book confirms his position in the leading rank of Irish historians." History "Jackson′s book will take its place amongst the most important, influential and highly regarded accounts of modern Irish history." Owen Dudley Edwards, University of Edinburgh "This is an outstanding book." New Hibernian Review "A brief review cannot do justice to the richness and complexity of Ireland: 1798–1998. Jackson′s gracefully written interpretations of events, forces and personalities are based upon an extensive reading of secondary sources and thoughtful, perceptive, and impartial judgements." Irish Studies Review "Jackson′ book cannot be bettered as the most up to date, comprehensive and readable account of the last 200 years." History Review "A flowing narrative and sharp historical analysis ... Jackson is to be congratulated for producing a finely researched, well–written survey, which scholars, advanced under–graduates, and the general reader will find immensely informative and thought–provoking." Albion Synopsis Alvin Jackson's Ireland 1798-1998 reappraises apparently rigid political divides and apparently decisive turning-points. The varieties of Irish political experience, and their complex interrelationship, are fully explored: particular attention is paid to the (often highly productive) tension between nationalism and Unionism. The work begins and ends with the close of a century, and spans a discrete period in Irish history. Striking comparisons are drawn between the crises of the late eighteenth century and the very rapid change experienced in the late twentieth century.Jackson's approach in Ireland 1798-1998 is throughout analytical, sceptical and humane. The book offers students and the general reader a fresh interpretation of modern Irish political history and provides perceptive insights into some familiar issues and personalities of the period. Drawing on original research and the latest secondary literature, the book is a stylish, stimulating and accessible survey of 200 years of Irish history. From the Back Cover Alvin Jackson′s Ireland 1798–1998 reappraises apparently rigid political divides and apparently decisive turning–points. The varieties of Irish political

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