Kilmacurragh: Sourced in the Wild: The Moulding of a Heritage Arboretum 2015

Kilmacurragh: Sourced in the Wild: The Moulding of a Heritage Arboretum 2015

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Author: Megan O'Beirne

Edition: Art quality edition

Number Of Pages: 194

Publisher: Systems Publishing

Release Date: 10-02-2015

Details: Christmas 2016 promotion - half price! Irish artist and writer Megan O'Beirne highlights one of the hidden gems of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Kilmacurragh, Co. Wicklow, is a natural theatre with the remnants of a mansion, luxuriant vegetation, and exotic tree collections painstakingly restored.

"a splendidly produced exploration of a largely unknown arboretum ... dedicated author and photographer traces the Acton family history..." - Michal Viney, Irish Times

"botanical treasures well-illustrated in this lovely book. A fascinating read about a fascinating place." - Irish Examiner

"impressive book ... the place and the fascinating characters that made Kilmacurragh a world-enviable arboretum ... such a rewarding read, helped by O'Beirne's enchanting and informative storytelling capabilities ... deliciously illustrated .. photographs [by] a visual artist of repute" - Fionn O'Nuallain, Farmer's Journal

"such a treasure. This writer/artist has produced a scholarly work that is entertaining as well as engrossing, written by a lay person in a specialised world - and all the better for that.[...] a highly-recommended book for anyone with an interest in trees, gardens, history, and social history." - Paddy Smith, Crann magazine

"Megan O'Beirne's carefully researched study, abundantly illustrated with her own photographs, offers a full historical and horticultural account of the demesne" - Nigel Everett, Irish Arts Review

"I am thrilled that Megan O'Beirne has created a book that is a delight to read, so full of the stories that will make this great garden come alive for visitors. It is still undiscovered by far too many people in Ireland, an oasis of history, biodiversity and heritage. This book will open the eyes of many to this national treasure." Peter Wyse Jackson, President, Missouri Botanical Garden, former director of the NBG Glasnevin.

Author's website has a plant index, sample pages, and more.

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