Lawyers Unwanted Dead or Alive: An Impolite Brief on the Legal Profession

Lawyers Unwanted Dead or Alive: An Impolite Brief on the Legal Profession

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Author: Elliott Hunt

Edition: 1sgt

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 96

Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd

Release Date: 30-11-1991

Details: Why do so many people hate lawyers? Lawyers are like magicians. They make money go from your wallet to theirs and then they disappear! If you meet a lawyer on the street and say, 'Nice day, eh?', he'll answer, 'What do you think, my opinion is for free!?' A lawyer will never say something in English if he can figure out a way to say it in Latin at twice the price. A lawyer's hourly fee is usually twice as high as his I.Q. A lawyer is the sort of person who would have a tryst with your wife - in your own bed - and then sue you for a back injury when the bed frame broke. If you hate lawyers, you'll love this book. Elliott Hunt has been practicing law for five years. He has been practicing the Irish bagpipes for much longer. He can't seem to get the hang of either. At law school, Elliott dreamed of the day when he would be a professor, a judge or a partner in a major law firm. That day never came, so Elliott found himself being the only partner in a two-bit operation in midtown Manhattan. He's been dying to get even ever since. Jerry O'Brien specialises in drawing silly little pictures or silly big pictures. He illustrated the first five famous Dave Barry books. He speaks and writes English (most of the time), has no major diseases or prejudices and is willing to trade his talent for money. THE O'BRIEN PRESS 20 VICTORIA ROAD DUBLIN 6

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