Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents

Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents

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Author: Charles Clark

Edition: 2nd Revised edition

Number Of Pages: 246

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Release Date: 01-05-1984

Details: As the reviews on the back panel of this jacket indicate, the first edition of Publishing Agreements was welcomed by all those involved in the publishing industry as a practical guide through the daunting and ever-changing landscape of copyright matters. It provided a basic stock of precedents, backed by notes and appendices which were full of practical experience. Building on the foundations laid by that successful first edition, Charles Clark has retained the basic shape of the book but has heavily revised and updated his text in the light of changes both in technology and in attitudes. Valuable new precedents for Film, Television and Allied Rights and for Packaging Rights have been added, while in the Appendices Mr Clark takes account of the Publishers Association Code of Practice and grapples with the copyright problems posed by Reprographic Reproduction and by Electronic Publishing. Other major revisions have been brought about by changed conditions relating to Book Club Rights and to the passage of rights between Britain and the Soviet Union. A host of minor amendments and improvements also play their part in making it possible to say, as of the first edition, that authors will find this book a boon and no publisher or agent can afford to be without it.

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